Since 1997, we’ve been building and implementing MaaS Technology in Singapore. As the pioneer and innovator in the mobility industry, we have the experience, hardware, software, and drive, to help other businesses overcome their challenges.

The mobility ecosystem is entering an uncharted but truly exciting future. Different market sectors are now overlapping, and one solution, does not mean an all-solution.

With Car Club Technologies, businesses can enter new markets, accelerate their workflow, and boost profitability. Our solutions are multifaceted. From Deep Technology that provides risk insight and gamification based on driving behaviour in real time, to Self-Driving Technology that powers Singapore’s first fully operational Autonomous Vehicle at Gardens by the Bay, we can create new mobility ideas for you. What’s more, you will be able to access Payment Gateway Solutions, Fleet Management Solutions, Car-Sharing Technology as well as our extensive Global Partner Networks.

And more importantly, you will be able to tap our Car Club Technologies experts for that unique edge over your competitors.

This is Car Club Technologies. This is how we drive businesses forward.